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Cinepacks – Paper FX 2

Download FREE – Tải về miễn phí: Cinepacks – Paper FX 2 – Pack đang được bán thương mại với giá $39 Paper FX 2 is the first add-on product to our best-selling Paper Transition FX pack. Due to the popularity of the original pack, we made this one to give you more variation of different textures and different looks. Thông tin chi tiết:
  • 26 Transitions with different textures
  • (Duct Tape, Cardboard, Caution Tape)
  • 29 Transitions Sound Fx
  • 7 Animated Frame
  • Tương thích: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut
  • Xem chi tiết tại đây.

Size: 3.49Gb

Cinepacks – Paper FX 2.Muctau.com.part1.rar (1.00 GB) vinload.com/47q
Cinepacks – Paper FX 2.Muctau.com.part2.rar (1.00 GB) vinload.com/47o
Cinepacks – Paper FX 2.Muctau.com.part3.rar (1.00 GB) vinload.com/47p
Cinepacks – Paper FX 2.Muctau.com.part4.rar (506.28 MB) vinload.com/47r
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