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Infinity Tool – The Biggest Pack for Video Creators V3.0 – Videohive 23736432 – Công cụ thiết kế dành cho thiết kế video

Download FREE – Tải về miễn phí: Infinity Tool – The Biggest Pack for Video Creators V3.0 – Công cụ dành cho thiết kế video, Template đang được bán trên chợ Videohive với giá $49.

Thông tin cơ bản:

  • 5000+ đối tượng đồ họa chình sửa và biên tập video
  • After Effect CC 2018+
  • 1920×1080 FULL HD
  • Tương thích: After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018
  • Độ phân giải: 1920×1080
  • No plugin required
  • Easy Color Selector
  • Video tutorial included
  • Chi tiết xem tại đây: Videohive
  • Hướng dẫn: https://help.pixflow.net/hc/en-us/articles/360000471533-Motion-Factory-Classic-Introduction-Installation-
  • 01-Single Scenes: Beautiful layouts with responsive feature
  • 02-Titles: Modern titles for all porpuses
  • 03-Backgrounds: Simple and colorful backgrounds
  • 04-Diagrams: Amazing diagrams with exeptional customizable options
  • 05-Self Resizing Boxes: Text boxes that auto resize to text length
  • 06-Line Callout: Text pleace holders that sticks to a certain point on your video.
  • 07-Instagram: Animated design for your instagram post or story
  • 08-Web Elements: For the first time in the world, Animated UI elements as a template
  • 09-Countdowns: Count anything with animated numbers
  • 10-Simple Shapes: Simple animated shapes for any purpose
  • 11-Shape: Animated shapes in style
  • 12-Complex Shapes: Fireworks in a simple shape!
  • 13-Transitions: Flat transition for any project
  • 14-Social Elements: Engage your users with eyecandy emojies and call to action buttons
  • 15-Vintage: Vintage typography for classy tastes
  • 16-Device Mockups: Facinating mockups to showcase your app or website
  • 17-Google Ads: With these animated templates your ads never gonna be missed again
  • 18-Premade Scenes: Compelety made with Infinity items, This category is just a little showcase of what you can do with Infinity Tool
  • 19-Logo Reveal: Show your logo in a stylish way
  • 20-Neon VFX: Trendy Neon lines and items
  • 21-Film Credits: Simple animated text that can be used as film credits
  • 22-Social Websites: Animated mockup for social media websites
  • 23-Speech Bubbles: Animated speech bubble that can hold titles and icons
  • 24-Brush Stroke: Animated brush stroke if you feel artistic
  • 25-Comic Titles: Show you inner Super Hero with this beautiful and colorful Comic Titles
  • 26-Minimal Icons: Available in Multi-Color and Mono-Color versions. These Icons fit every project
  • 27-YouTube Pack: Animated pack for all YouTubers
  • 28-Flags: Animated flags to show your country of choice


1 - NEW: Animated Flag Icons! Show your country and your flag in minimal and stylish way
2 - NEW: Cutest animted icons for multip purpose usage
3 - NEW: Animated brush strokes that are amazing for backgrounds, Transition, Titles and...'
4 - NEW: Very usefull Speech Bubbles that can be spice of your video projects
5 - NEW: Comic Titles are very unique animated titles that can be used in cartoonish projects
6 - NEW: Good news for YouTube creators, A compelete pack for YouTube videos, Like Intro, Outro, Transition and...
3 - FIXED: Some minor bugs in thumnails of the items

Hướng dẫn cài đặt Install:

1. Download the Extension from the official Website.
2. Install the extension with zxp installer. if you don’t have the zxp installer downloaded it form the aescripts/zxpinstaller.
3. Install the Extension and run in After effects.
4. Click import from the extension and choose the root folder that you have downloaded from the ShareAe.
5. Cheers! all set.

Download – 2.3Gb: https://vinload.com/2RE

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