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JOEL FAMULARO – Phantom LUTs – The ‘Alexa Look’

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Gói LUT này chứa 5 LUT được thiết kế bởi Nhà làm phim Joel Famularo để cung cấp cho S LOG của bạn các cảnh quay ARRI Alexa.

Thông tin chi tiết:

  • LUT 1) Neutral – A neutral ARRI look – no colour cast or ‘look’ – just the classic ARRI Rec709 look.
  • LUT 2) Tungsten – A slightly warmer golden cast designed to be utilised for subjects bathed in tungsten light.
  • LUT 3) Ice Blue – Blue, colder cast with punchy, deep blues (looks amazing on subjects with blue eyes).
  • LUT 4) Green Eyes – Subtle green cast – distinctive, filmic greens and of course, amazing with green eyed subjects.
  • LUT 5) Utopia – the most filmic look of the LUTs, with blood red reds and filmic blues and greens. It’s my personal take on what Utopia would look like.
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The ‘Alexa Look’

The ‘Film Look’

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