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A few things you should know before applying a LUT. All my LUTs (with an exception for the Sample LUTs) come in two variants, LOG and Rec.709. Also, a conversion LUT pack is included to transform your footage from LOG to Rec.709. A LUT for the following camera brands are included:

  • Blackmagic Design Film
  • Sony Slog
  • Canon Log
  • Panasonic V-Log (use this input LUT for Fujifulm)
  • DJI Dlog-M

The best way to color your footage with LUTs is by following these steps:

  1. Input LUT (conversion from LOG to Rec.709)
  2. Exposure adjustment
  3. White balance adjustment
  4. Saturation adjustment
  5. Contrast
  6. Creative LUT (the one you bought)

This approach will give you the best most flexibility and best results. However, you can also use the LOG LUT to grade fast, this LUT contains all the adjustments named above. Of course, this will be a quick solution but you don’t get the amount of flexibility you would have using the Rec.709 LUT approach.

Thông tin chi tiết:

  • Tương thích: Premierer Pro, FCX…
  • Xem thêm tại đây: https://www.cinegrades.store/p/dji-powerlut-lut/

Size: 4.45 Mb
Download: Vinload.Com
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