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TheBrim® SUCOMO Print Kit

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A collection of precision print emulations, designed to work with Cineon film scans and our Linny and Cinny subtractive color science model LUTs, including camera specific Linny and Linny VFX. They come as standalone LUTs and are designed to be blended-in to taste, or used at 100% in a node after or layer above the base Linny LUT or film scan. We suggest using these LUTs as the last correction in your grade structure.

Thông tin chi tiết:

    • LUTs in 16x16x16, 32x32x32 and 64x64x64 sizes in .CUBE format
    • Type T Print Emulation
    • Type C Print Emulation
    • Type D Print Emulation
    • Type K Print Emulation
    • Type N Print Emulation
    • Tương thích: Pre, Ae, FCX
    • Readmore…

Size: 55.61 Mb
Download: Vinload

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